FreeRTOS: FreeRTOS Cellular Library v1.2.0
FreeRTOS Cellular Library
CellularPdnStatus_t Struct Reference

Represents status of a PDN context. More...

#include <cellular_types.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t contextId
uint8_t state
CellularPdnContextType_t pdnContextType
CellularIPAddress_t ipAddress

Detailed Description

Represents status of a PDN context.

Field Documentation

◆ contextId

uint8_t CellularPdnStatus_t::contextId

1-16 are valid values.

◆ state

uint8_t CellularPdnStatus_t::state

0 = Deactivated, 1 = Activated.

◆ pdnContextType

CellularPdnContextType_t CellularPdnStatus_t::pdnContextType

PDN Context type.

◆ ipAddress

CellularIPAddress_t CellularPdnStatus_t::ipAddress

Local IP address after the context is activated.

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