AWS IoT Over-the-air Update  v3.0.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OTA HTTP Interface

The OTA PAL interface definition.

OTA HTTP Overview

The OTA MQTT interface is a set of APIs that must be implemented by a library to enable the OTA library to download a file block by connecting to a pre-signed url and fetching data blocks.

The OTA MQTT interface is defined in ota_mqtt_interface.h.

The functions that must be implemented are:

These functions can be grouped into the structure OtaHttpInterface_t and passed to OtaInterfaces_t to represent the MQTT interface.

OtaHttpInterface_t httpInterface;
httpInterface.init = httpInit;
httpInterface.request = httpRequest;
httpInterface.deinit = httpDeinit;
OtaInterfaces_t otaInterfaces;
otaInterfaces.http = httpInterface
OTA_Init( &otaBuffer,
otaAppCallback )
OtaHttpInit_t init
Reference to HTTP initialization.
Definition: ota_http_interface.h:131
OtaHttpRequest_t request
Reference to HTTP data request.
Definition: ota_http_interface.h:132
OtaHttpDeinit deinit
Reference to HTTP deinitialize.
Definition: ota_http_interface.h:133
OTA Event Interface structure.
Definition: ota_http_interface.h:130