AWS IoT Over-the-air Update v3.3.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OtaJobDocument_t Struct Reference

OTA Job document. More...

#include <ota.h>

Data Fields

const uint8_t * pJobDocJson
 Job document in JSON format.
size_t jobDocLength
 Job document length in bytes.
const uint8_t * pJobId
 Job ID associated with the job document.
size_t jobIdLength
 Length of job ID in bytes.
uint32_t fileTypeId
 File Type ID from the job document.
OtaJobParseErr_t parseErr
 Job parsing status.
OtaJobStatus_t status
 Job status.
int32_t reason
 Job status reason.
int32_t subReason
 Job status subreason.

Detailed Description

OTA Job document.

This is provided as context to the app callback, OtaAppCallback_t, to provide information of a custom job that cannot be parsed.

Structure representing OTA job document.

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