FreeRTOS: FreeRTOS Cellular Library v1.2.0
FreeRTOS Cellular Library
CellularAtDataReq_t Struct Reference

The data command request structure. More...

#include <cellular_common.h>

Data Fields

const uint8_t * pData
uint32_t dataLen
uint32_t * pSentDataLength
const uint8_t * pEndPattern
uint32_t endPatternLen

Detailed Description

The data command request structure.

Field Documentation

◆ pData

const uint8_t* CellularAtDataReq_t::pData

Data to send.

◆ dataLen

uint32_t CellularAtDataReq_t::dataLen

Data length to send.

◆ pSentDataLength

uint32_t* CellularAtDataReq_t::pSentDataLength

Data actually sent.

◆ pEndPattern

const uint8_t* CellularAtDataReq_t::pEndPattern

End pattern after pData is sent completely. Set NULL if not required. Cellular modem uses end pattern instead of length in AT command can make use of this variable.

◆ endPatternLen

uint32_t CellularAtDataReq_t::endPatternLen

End pattern length.

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